Imaje Ink Range

Trujet Markem Imaje® Compatible Inks & Fluids

Save up to 50% on Markem Imaje® Compatible Fluids

Trujet delights its customers with quality and economical consumables compatible with Markem Imaje® Continuous inkjet printer and TTO Printers.
Imaje® 9020, 9030, 9040, 9028, 9018, 9410, 9450 CIJ Compatible Inks & Additive Fluids and TTO Ribbons

Ink Cartridge

Ink Cartridges 800ml
TJ IG Ink                  General Purpose Ink
TJ IF Ink  Acetone Fast Drying Ink       
TJ IP ink
(Special for Pipe)                TJ ID Ink (Special ink Deep freeze stored products)

Make-up Cartridge

Additive Cartridges 800Ml 

 TJ IG Additive.  


TJ Wash
TJ Wash Pigment

TTO Ribbons

TTO Ribbons
WR 22mmx 900M

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