Domino ink range

Trujet Domino® Compatible Inks & Fluids

Save up to 50% on Domino® Compatible Fluids

Trujet delights its customers with quality and economical consumables compatible with Domino® Continuous inkjet printer and TTO Printers.
Domino® A Series, A Series Plus, A120, A220, A300i Series – CIJ Compatible Inks & Make-up Fluids and TTO Ribbons- Wax Resin and Resin Ribbons 33mmx 770M

®are the registered trademark of the respective companies, we manufacture compatible consumables.

Ink Cartridge

Ink Cartridges
TJ DG Ink (IC-270BK)                  General Purpose Ink
TJ DF Ink (IC-899BK) Acetone Fast Drying Ink       
TJ DP ink (IC-295BK) 
(Special for Pipe)           
TJ DD Ink (Special ink Deep freeze stored products)

Make-up Cartridge

Make-Up Cartridges                     TJ DG Make Up 

Ink Reservoir

Ink Reservoir
TJ DG Ink Reservoir


TJ Wash
TJ Wash Pigment

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