Alpha JetInk Range

Trujet Alphajet® Compatible Inks & Fluids

Save up to 50% on Alphajet® Compatible Fluids

Trujet delights its customers with quality and economical consumables compatible with Alphajet® Continuous inkjet printer and TTO Printers.
Alphajet® V1, V2- CIJ Compatible Inks & Make-up Fluids and TTO Ribbons- Wax Resin and Resin Ribbons 33mmx 770M

Ink Cartridge

TJ AG Ink V1/ V2- 600Ml

Make-up Cartridge

Make-Up T
J AG Make Up V1/V2-600ml


TJ Wash
TJ Wash Pigment

TTO Ribbons

TTO Ribbons

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